Who's Girl & Dug?

A California-based farm peddling Peruvian veggies, Scandinavian berries, and Korean greens cultivated by a family of 1.5-gen American-Asian food geeks.


Established in 2005, Girl & Dug Farm started in an 8-acre farm as "Lucky Growers," but not before founders Brian and Agnes Choi were lovingly pushed out of their prior fresh-cut flower business by their children who wanted them to enjoy retirement. Despite Brian and Agnes' plans to retire and grow flowers for the family's retail shop, their Korean Cucumbers and Sesame Leaf would be so well-received that the 8-acre farm blossomed into 60 acres. Obsessive and driven to discover, grow, and introduce the weirdly wild produce of the world, Brian and Agnes' son Aaron succeeded them in 2009, and so came "Girl & Dug Farm," a nod to his daughters and their lovable overweight beagle Dug.

Today, we farm a total of approximately 180 acres, employing about 100 workers. We serve our unique vegetables to all of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Los Angeles, and many in San Fransisco, Chicago, New York, and high-end restaurants all across the US. Our “Lucky Growers” brand serves nearly all Korean retail markets in the US through retail partners and distributors.


Food feeds our bodies but we rarely consider how it nourishes our mind and soul. Food brings people together. People together create conversation. Conversation among people kindles the understanding of others' culture, and thereby the world, a bit better. This is the intersection of farming and art, where we magnify food's unique superpower to make us whole--body, mind, and soul.

Promoting food diversity, practicing responsible farming techniques, and cultivating direct, intimate partnerships with the very chefs best able to translate one-of-a-kind raw ingredients into transformative flavors are all inseparable threads of weaving the future of food and farming.


We believe products are only as good as the company behind them, and companies are only as good as the employees that comprise them. We believe that culture is the sum of every member’s actions that align with the words prescribing them. We don’t always get everything right so we focus on learning how to make things right. Healthy relationships are the key to community and to that end, everything we do as a company places reasonable priority on
building, maintaining, and nurturing relationships, be it internally among fellow workers or externally with our customers.