Established in 2005, Girl & Dug Farm started in an 8-acre farm as "Lucky Growers," but not before founders Brian and Agnes Choi were lovingly pushed out of their prior fresh-cut flower business by their children who wanted them to enjoy retirement. Despite Brian and Agnes' plans to retire and grow flowers for the family's retail shop, their Korean Cucumbers and Sesame Leaf would be so well-received that the 8-acre farm blossomed into 60 acres. Obsessive and driven to discover, grow, and introduce the weirdly wild produce of the world, Brian and Agnes' son Aaron succeeded them in 2009, and so came "Girl & Dug Farm," a nod to his daughters and their lovable overweight beagle Dug. 

Today, we farm a total of approximately 180 acres, employing about 100 workers. We serve our unique vegetables to restaurants and chefs nationwide, including Michelin-starred in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York. Our “Lucky Growers” brand serves nearly all Korean retail markets in the US through retail partners and distributors. 


Food feeds our bodies but we rarely consider how it nourishes our mind and soul. Food brings people together. People together create conversation. Conversation among people kindles the understanding of others' culture, and thereby the world, a bit better. This is the intersection of farming and art, where we magnify food's unique superpower to make us whole--body, mind, and soul.

Promoting food diversity, practicing responsible farming techniques, and cultivating direct, intimate partnerships with the very chefs best able to translate one-of-a-kind raw ingredients into transformative flavors are all inseparable threads of weaving the future of food and farming. 


We believe products are only as good as the company behind them, and companies are only as good as the employees that comprise them. We believe that culture is the sum of every member’s actions that align with the words prescribing them. We don’t always get everything right so we focus on learning how to make things right. Healthy relationships are the key to community and to that end, everything we do as a company places reasonable priority on building, maintaining, and nurturing relationships, be it internally among fellow workers or externally with our customers.




Seeking candidates for a part-time or full-time experienced and energetic Farmhand/General Field Laborer at our San Marcos, CA farm for day-to-day field operation. You will help pick, wash, cool and at times pack rare and unique veggies, in addition to helping them grow their best by helping maintain optimal field conditions.

Approximate average weekly hours : 24-45 hours.

Pay : $15.00-20.00 per hour, depending on initial qualifications. 


Assist the field managers with sowing, crop bed maintenance, weeding, transplanting as well as trellising and pruning. You will be expected to wear multiple hats on the field, and depending on qualifications as well as ability to learn, be tasked with specialized duties including but not limited to:

  • Daily harvesting, pre-washing and cooling of vegetables to transport to the packing team.
  • Helping track plant succession, location of crops, production schedule/map and rotation cycles by providing info as needed to managers who log overall production.
  • Sowing seeds into the field and/or flats for transplant, and possibly assist with seed rotation/production schedule.

Depending on your qualifications, you may assist the production managers with irrigation, fertigation, and chemigation including but not limited to:

  • Help build soil fertility by adding appropriate amendments and biological inputs along with remediating adverse conditions for optimal crop production.
  • Helping maintain precise moisture level for each crop’s particular needs by reporting any issues with irrigation (water amount, irrigation system malfunction, etc.).

* Although not a combined requirement with the above, please let us know if you have relevant experience with heavy farm equipment. Related duties may include but are not limited to:

  • General tractor work (shaping beds, ripping/tilling soil, etc.)
  • Forklift
  • Excavator
  • Dump truck (transporting large volumes of soil and green waste)
  • 2+ years of farm experience, preferably irrigation/production responsibilities and though not required, preferably experience in greenhouse farming.
  • Basic computer skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office esp. Excel and Word. Google Docs and Sheets fluency is a bonus.
  • Minimum of basic conversational Spanish recommended.
  • Takes initiative by proactively identifying and bringing to attention all potential problems along with recommendations and remedies.
  • Creative, resourceful problem-solving mind.
  • Follow through on a task from start to finish with little supervision.
  • Willingness to learn and listen, be flexible, quick to adapt to changing circumstances.

This is a fast-paced job with tremendous opportunities for growth, no pun intended. Field work often precedes promotion to other parts of the company because of the intimate understanding of our precious crops’ behavior re: flavor, seasonal condition, sizing, etc. You’ll be part of a growing team whose jobs serve to put rare and unique produce on the plates of the best Chefs in the world.



Girl & Dug is always open to and welcomes those who have a passion for agriculture/farming and operations to reach out for ongoing volunteer opportunities and potential internships.

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