KinderMix "Caroline"

KinderMix "Caroline"

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The eponymous KinderMix for Ella and Livi's maternal grandmother Caroline, and Ella's middle name.

Featuring snappy, savory New Zealand Spinach; nutty and crisp Bloomsdale spinach; buttery and faintly bitter notes of rainbow chard; and a peppery lobed arugula for balance, Caroline is a reliable foundation of unassuming, nutritious greens that bring together other greens.

Quick tip for use:

A single 4-oz bag can serve 3-4 adults.

Add one small handful of Caroline mix for every 1 large handful of lettuce for the best balance. KinderMixes are meant to be paired with either of our lines of Crown Lettuce or Salanova Lettuce for the best texture, flavor, and aroma. We highly recommend dressing lightly with a fragrant olive oil, salt, and a splash of acid (even a simple wine vinegar works wonders!) rather than with heavy dressings that tend to drown out the aromatics.

Caroline mix also lends itself well for everything from warm salads to grain bowls.


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